Palm Springs, February 2017
Morning View from our Marriott Condo Palm Springs-002 Villa Living Area Includes a Full Kitchen
Palm Springs-004a Palm Springs-011 The "Living Desert" Cheetah's are not caged, but in habitats
A fantastic display of model trains Palm Springs-013 Palm Springs-049 Palm Springs-014
Palm Springs-019 Cheetahs on their daily "run" Palm Springs-030 Palm Springs-032
Palm Springs-034 Palm Springs-036 Palm Springs-039 Palm Springs-037
Palm Springs-040 Palm Springs-043 Palm Springs-045 Palm Springs-048
World's largest 'G' Scale collection with 3,300 Feet of track Palm Springs-053 Palm Springs-055 Palm Springs-056
Palm Springs-057 Palm Springs-058 Palm Springs-059 Palm Springs-060
Palm Springs-061 Palm Springs-062 Palm Springs-005 Palm Springs-066
You can take a boat from the Marriott Hotel Lobby to any of the restaurants Palm Springs Air Museum Palm Springs-069 Palm Springs-070
Palm Springs-071 Palm Springs-073 Palm Springs-074 Palm Springs-076
Palm Springs-077 Palm Springs-078 Palm Springs-079 Palm Springs-080
Palm Springs-081 An "Ercoupe".   It is like our first airplane Palm Springs-083 Palm Springs-084
Palm Springs-085 Palm Springs-086 Palm Springs-087 Palm Springs-088
Palm Springs-089 Palm Springs-092 Palm Springs-093 Palm Springs-094
Palm Springs-095 Palm Springs-097 Palm Springs-099 Downtown Palm Springs
Palm Springs-101 Palm Springs-102 We ate lunch at Bongo Johnny's on Palm Springs LGBT Arenas Rd. Palm Springs Art Museum
Palm Springs-105 Palm Springs-106 Palm Springs-107 Palm Springs-109
Palm Springs-110 Palm Springs-111 Palm Springs-112 Palm Springs-113
Palm Springs-065 Palm Springs-068 Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains  National Monument Palm Springs-139
An exhibit of desert wildlife, plants,  and landscapes Palm Springs-116 Palm Springs-118 Palm Springs-119
Palm Springs-120 Cochella Valley Palm Springs-137 Palm Springs-125
Palm Springs-126 Palm Springs-127 Palm Springs-129 Palm Springs-133
Palm Springs-134 Palm Springs-135 Palm Springs-136 Palm Springs-141
Palm Springs-142 Palm Springs-140 Palm Springs-144 Palm Springs-160
Palm Springs-148 Palm Springs-149 Palm Springs-150 Palm Springs-151
Palm Springs-138 Palm Springs-152 Palm Springs-153 Palm Springs-154
Palm Springs-155 Palm Springs-158 Palm Springs-159 Palm Springs Aerial Tram
Largest rotating tram in the world- holding 80 passengers Palm Springs-174 Ascends to 8,517 feet! Palm Springs-176
Palm Springs-178 Palm Springs-188 Palm Springs-192 Palm Springs-199
Palm Springs-200 Palm Springs-203 Palm Springs-204 Palm Springs-201
Palm Springs-205 Palm Springs-207 Palm Springs-208 It was 50 degrees colder than at the bottom
Palm Springs-212 Palm Springs-214 Palm Springs-216 Palm Springs-218
PalmSprings Art Museum in Palm   Desert Featuring Modern and Glass Art Outside sculpture garden Palm Springs-227
Palm Springs-228 Palm Springs-230 Palm Springs-231 Palm Springs-233
Palm Springs-234 Palm Springs-235 Palm Springs-236 Palm Springs-237
Palm Springs-238 Palm Springs-239 Palm Springs-240 Palm Springs-241
Palm Springs-242 Palm Springs-244 Palm Springs-243 Palm Springs-245
Palm Springs-248 Palm Springs-249 We say goodbye after 10 days to our Palm Springs  getaway!