New England- Canada Cruise

Holland Americia Cruise from Boston to Maine, Nova Scotia,Quebec, & Montreal
Holland America MAASDAM View from Boston Marriott NE&Canada Cruise002 NE&Canada Cruise003
NE&Canada Cruise004 NE&Canada Cruise005 Boston Harbor from Maasdam NE&Canada Cruise009
NE&Canada Cruise010 NE&Canada Cruise011 NE&Canada Cruise012 NE&Canada Cruise013
On our way Bar Harbor, Maine NE&Canada Cruise016 At Low Tide
NE&Canada Cruise018 NE&Canada Cruise019 NE&Canada Cruise020 NE&Canada Cruise021
NE&Canada Cruise023 NE&Canada Cruise025 Had to have a Lobster for Lunch NE&Canada Cruise028
NE&Canada Cruise029 NE&Canada Cruise030 NE&Canada Cruise031 NE&Canada Cruise033
Bar Harbor harbor NE&Canada Cruise035 NE&Canada Cruise036 NE&Canada Cruise037
Peggy's Cove- Halifax, Nova Scotia NE&Canada Cruise038 A foggy day at Peggy's Cove NE&Canada Cruise042
NE&Canada Cruise041 NE&Canada Cruise043 NE&Canada Cruise044 NE&Canada Cruise045
A scenic Hallifax scene from Peggy's Cove Village NE&Canada Cruise047 NE&Canada Cruise048 NE&Canada Cruise049
NE&Canada Cruise050 NE&Canada Cruise051 NE&Canada Cruise052 NE&Canada Cruise053
NE&Canada Cruise054 NE&Canada Cruise055 NE&Canada Cruise056 NE&Canada Cruise057
NE&Canada Cruise058 NE&Canada Cruise059 NE&Canada Cruise060 NE&Canada Cruise061
NE&Canada Cruise065 NE&Canada Cruise066 NE&Canada Cruise067 NE&Canada Cruise068
NE&Canada Cruise069 NE&Canada Cruise070 NE&Canada Cruise071 NE&Canada Cruise081
Sydney, Nova Scotia NE&Canada Cruise082 NE&Canada Cruise074 NE&Canada Cruise075
NE&Canada Cruise078 NE&Canada Cruise079 NE&Canada Cruise083 NE&Canada Cruise085
NE&Canada Cruise086 NE&Canada Cruise087 Prince Edward Island Overlooking Confederation Park
NE&Canada Cruise090 NE&Canada Cruise091 Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island NE&Canada Cruise093
Our Local Harbor Pilot arrives NE&Canada Cruise094 NE&Canada Cruise095 NE&Canada Cruise096
Saw the Musical Anne & Gilbert NE&Canada Cruise098 NE&Canada Cruise099 St Dunstan's Basilica
NE&Canada Cruise102 NE&Canada Cruise103 NE&Canada Cruise104 NE&Canada Cruise105
NE&Canada Cruise106 NE&Canada Cruise107 NE&Canada Cruise108 NE&Canada Cruise109
NE&Canada Cruise110 NE&Canada Cruise111 NE&Canada Cruise112 St Dunstan's Basilica
Quebec City, Canada NE&Canada Cruise116 NE&Canada Cruise117 NE&Canada Cruise118
NE&Canada Cruise119 NE&Canada Cruise121 NE&Canada Cruise122 A Dali Work-Loaned to  Quebec for it's 150 Aniversery
NE&Canada Cruise124 NE&Canada Cruise125 NE&Canada Cruise126 The Tall ships were in town
NE&Canada Cruise129 NE&Canada Cruise130 NE&Canada Cruise131 NE&Canada Cruise132
Palace de l'Hotel de Ville NE&Canada Cruise134 NE&Canada Cruise135 NE&Canada Cruise136
NE&Canada Cruise137 NE&Canada Cruise138 NE&Canada Cruise139 NE&Canada Cruise140
NE&Canada Cruise147 Montmorency Falls NE&Canada Cruise143 NE&Canada Cruise145
NE&Canada Cruise146 Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre Basilica NE&Canada Cruise149 NE&Canada Cruise150
NE&Canada Cruise151 NE&Canada Cruise154 NE&Canada Cruise155 NE&Canada Cruise156
NE&Canada Cruise157 NE&Canada Cruise158 NE&Canada Cruise159 Delightfull lunch in this Ils d'Orleans restaurant
NE&Canada Cruise163 NE&Canada Cruise160 NE&Canada Cruise164 NE&Canada Cruise165
Cabanea Sugar Shack Maple candy from first pour fresh maple syrup NE&Canada Cruise168 NE&Canada Cruise169
NE&Canada Cruise170 Quebec City NE&Canada Cruise172 Tall Ships leaving the area
NE&Canada Cruise174 NE&Canada Cruise175 NE&Canada Cruise176 NE&Canada Cruise177
NE&Canada Cruise178 NE&Canada Cruise179 NE&Canada Cruise180 NE&Canada Cruise181
NE&Canada Cruise183 NE&Canada Cruise184 Old Town Montreal, Canada NE&Canada Cruise187
Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal NE&Canada Cruise190 NE&Canada Cruise191 NE&Canada Cruise192
NE&Canada Cruise194 NE&Canada Cruise195 NE&Canada Cruise196 NE&Canada Cruise198
Quite a current! NE&Canada Cruise201 NE&Canada Cruise202a NE&Canada Cruise203
NE&Canada Cruise204 NE&Canada Cruise205 NE&Canada Cruise206 NE&Canada Cruise208
NE&Canada Cruise209 NE&Canada Cruise211 Ste-Anne Canyon Falls NE&Canada Cruise212
NE&Canada Cruise213 NE&Canada Cruise214 NE&Canada Cruise215 NE&Canada Cruise218
NE&Canada Cruise219 NE&Canada Cruise220 NE&Canada Cruise221 The Canyon is carved into the 900 Million year Canadian shield
Tha Daring can walk the "tightrope" NE&Canada Cruise224 NE&Canada Cruise225 NE&Canada Cruise226
NE&Canada Cruise227 NE&Canada Cruise228 NE&Canada Cruise229 NE&Canada Cruise231
NE&Canada Cruise232 NE&Canada Cruise233 NE&Canada Cruise234 NE&Canada Cruise235
NE&Canada Cruise236 NE&Canada Cruise237 NE&Canada Cruise238 NE&Canada Cruise240
NE&Canada Cruise242 NE&Canada Cruise244 Isle De Bacchus Winery NE&Canada Cruise243
NE&Canada Cruise246 NE&Canada Cruise247 NE&Canada Cruise248 NE&Canada Cruise249
NE&Canada Cruise250 NE&Canada Cruise251 NE&Canada Cruise252 NE&Canada Cruise254
NE&Canada Cruise256 Prince Edward Island on the return trip NE&Canada Cruise258 They had just celebrated Pride Weekend
NE&Canada Cruise261 NE&Canada Cruise262 NE&Canada Cruise263 NE&Canada Cruise264
NE&Canada Cruise265 Halifax Maritime Museum NE&Canada Cruise267 Halifax was the site of the Titantic rescue
NE&Canada Cruise269 NE&Canada Cruise270 NE&Canada Cruise271 NE&Canada Cruise272
NE&Canada Cruise273 NE&Canada Cruise274 NE&Canada Cruise275 NE&Canada Cruise276
NE&Canada Cruise277 NE&Canada Cruise278 NE&Canada Cruise279 NE&Canada Cruise280
NE&Canada Cruise281 NE&Canada Cruise282 NE&Canada Cruise283 World's fastest Warship
NE&Canada Cruise285 NE&Canada Cruise286 Halifax Gardens area Queen designated Victorian garden NE&Canada Cruise288
NE&Canada Cruise289 NE&Canada Cruise290 NE&Canada Cruise291 NE&Canada Cruise292
NE&Canada Cruise293 NE&Canada Cruise294 NE&Canada Cruise296 NE&Canada Cruise297
NE&Canada Cruise298 NE&Canada Cruise299 NE&Canada Cruise300 NE&Canada Cruise301
NE&Canada Cruise302 NE&Canada Cruise305 NE&Canada Cruise306 Bar Harbor, Maine
NE&Canada Cruise309 NE&Canada Cruise310 We took a catamaran tour of the Acadia National park and Maine Lighthouses NE&Canada Cruise315
NE&Canada Cruise316 NE&Canada Cruise317 NE&Canada Cruise320 A Rockefeller vacation home
NE&Canada Cruise323 NE&Canada Cruise324 NE&Canada Cruise326 NE&Canada Cruise328
Bear Island Light NE&Canada Cruise331 NE&Canada Cruise332 NE&Canada Cruise335
Great Duck Island light Baker Island Light NE&Canada Cruise340 NE&Canada Cruise344
NE&Canada Cruise343 NE&Canada Cruise345 NE&Canada Cruise346 Egg Rock Lighthouse
NE&Canada Cruise348 Our Two Week Cruise Ends!